Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kim's Adventure

This is Kim, or his pixelated alter ego at least.

We studied Computer Science together for some time until he had an epiphany and decided to change computers for chicks, and left to pursue a degree in economics.

Since then we haven't seen or heard much from him, but that hasn't stopped his old comrades from working on a game with him as the main character, revolving around his unique way of seeing the world.

It will be a graphic adventure in the traditional Lucasarts style at 320x240! I really miss those games.

Progress is slow, as it's nothing else than a fun little side project, but from time to time we enjoy juggling pixels around and getting it somewhere nearer to a playable game.

Here is one of my favourite backgrounds that belongs to the first act of the game ( click the on image for a better view )

I'll leave you with a a nice song that I believe has a very interesting title to say the least.