Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finishing the Master

Yesterday ( actually the 23d ) we finally presented the game we've been working on for the master's.

The room was packed with people ( how many? 100+ for sure ), and the level of all the other projects was also great, so congratulations to everyone who worked hard. Sadly that doesn't mean everyone, as every group can have parasites, but I really don't want to taint my good mood with that.

From the thoughts I gathered after the talk, I think our game had a very good reception. People liked it, they thought it looked fun to play, and that is very important. But don't trust me on this one as I'm clearly biased, go make your own opinion about the game by downloading and playing.

I'll be happy to receive opinions, critics, suggestions... any feedback will be very nice!

I've learnt lots this year. Mostly numerous ways of how NOT to do things. But that's the way to learn.

I must confess that I haven't slept as well as last night for months :)