Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Truth be told, I had a very lengthy post about presentations, Powerpoint, and how horrible crammed slides with lots and lots of bullet points are.

But, thinking it through, instead of boring you to death I rather show you some of the slides I made for The Teddy Incident presentation.

Good visuals are the best way to communicate messages, and even the most mundane enumeration ( a list of technologies used for example ) can be made a little bit more entertaining and memorable if you spend more than a minute thinking...

I'll leave you with two inspirational resources on the topic.
Presentation Zen
Art of Innovation ( Presentation by Guy Kawasaki )

Monday, November 10, 2008

Photoshop Madness

A contest is a great time to flex those Photoshop muscles.

I'm taking part in the Crestock Photoshop contest this year again, because last year I had lots of fun and I learned lots of new things about photo manipulation. This year has been no exception, and I feel I'm improving a little.

The idea of the contest is that you're given a number of source stock photographs, and a theme, and you have to use the source images and combine them in original ways to come up with a new image.

The theme for this round is extreme makeover, and the source images can be seen in the contest page.

Here is a link to my entry for this round of the contest.