Monday, July 14, 2008

Look At Me

My first post was about the blend tree animation system and editor I'm working on.

Since then, I haven't talked much about that, as I really haven't had the time to seriously work on it.

It's sad, but at the moment it's just a side project.

Nevertheless, its state is advanced enough that we're using it in our game. It's an improvement on using raw Ogre animation states directly, and has many useful features and potential, but that's my very subjective opinion.

Even if it is yet nowhere near what I envision, it's already easy to fake some IK controllers.

Here is an image of our player character looking at some random point in space.

This is done by mixing one-frame animations of the player looking up, down, left and right with the current animations.

The bulk of the work of setting how the animations blend can be done in the editor by an artist, by setting nodes that tell how the animations blend, and he can preview the end result there. This is in my opinion the true strength of the system.

If anyone is interested in checking it out, here it is, open source and all that.

Sorry that the blend-tree editor is not up there, but I'm hoping on being able to work on it once the master is over ( mid September ). In the meantime, I'll gladly share the binaries with anyone who asks.


Cabron Tormenta said...

Good job No-Vau-Mas-Ter xP

PS: It seems like the boy is holding a rope.

Accleo said...

Asin que open source "... and all of that" eh??
No than servit d res totes les rallades que the fet sobre el soft lliure?
Vols q hi torni??


Ramon said...

Juega al Diablo 2 y déjate de tonterías.