Friday, August 22, 2008

AI improvements: GO beware!

The evil empire of the teddy incident game ( I'm sorry, the bad guy's faction has no official name yet ) is proud to inform you that enemy IQ is steadily raising among their lines.

Now and again a couple of enemies with lemming complex will appear, and decide they rather wander around and jump off a ledge than patiently patrol their assigned area and wait to be slaughtered by a sociopath kid with an axe. Will have to teach them not to do that!

The ones that don't jump though are quite fun to kill.

Some glitches here and there of course. Mainly when finding obstacles in their way: There's absolutely no pathfinding going on. Might want to address that sometime soon...

Also, when in large numbers they can obstruct each other, but it only affects when many are trying to go to the same place

E.g. When trying to surround a player only the front line of enemies will reach him. The rest will probably get stuck behind the first line.

I'll probably need steering behaviours or something like that. We'll see what I have time to come up with.

All that aside, did I mention that the game is starting to be fun?

Here is a test screenshot of the main character being pursued by a bunch of standard bad guys.

By the way, AI is one of those things I dread the most working on: it's a never-ending stream of little tweaks... and immensely difficult to get juuust right.

And difficult as hell to debug sometimes!

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