Sunday, October 26, 2008

ArtFutura 2008: Best Art Direction!

Today was the last day of ArtFutura show, and the winners of the videogame development competition were revealed. We are very happy to have been able to go back home having won a prize.

Here is the complete list of winners:

Best technology: Number 6
Best sound: KuKoo Kitchen
Best art direction: The Teddy Incident
Best design: Magical Gloves
Best graphics: Number 6
Most polished (?): Kukoo Kitchen

And finally, the Grand Prize was for Invasion of the Granny Snatchers.

Here is a photograph of the ecstatic Teddy Incident team rejoicing.

Of course, I post the nice team photograph, because to post a photograph in which no one is looking at the camera there's always Sergi around...


Izanami said...

Enhorabuena Pau!!! De parte de los tres mosqueteros!!!

Alan said...

Puta mare, un premi merescudíssim!!!

Eduardo said...

Enhorabuena Pau !!!