Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bottled Water..?

It's the same video that was shown on The Teddy Incident presentation, so it's very short as I didn't want to devote much time to talk about the animation system. The presentation was about the game after all :)

A higher resolution video can be downloaded by going to the vimeo page.


Accleo said...

Ei mestre!
La veritat és que així ja sí que entenc què fa el teu coi d'eina :p
Mooola molt, així que molts ànims i a per la següent ;)
Vagi bé!!

Raine said...

Hello, quite a cool project you have going on here :) Congratulations!

I was wondering how you created your animation editor; are you using existing libraries for the linkable modifiers and the docking windows or have you created everything from scratch?

Thanks :)

Pau said...

Hi Raine, thanks for the comment :)

The docking controls is a library that I got from here.

The node and connections control is custom made, although it was originally inspired on a control named SchematicControl.

I'm working on a new version of the nodes connection control, and when I finish it I plan on releasing it as open source.

Raine said...

Well, this is great, looking forward to it. Thanks!