Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I've spent this last weekend in a stand ( booth? ) together with Sergi at the GameStorming event in Barcelona as part of the game creation competition, showing our game to everyone interested. I had much more fun than I expected and met lots of people from other development teams.

I'd like to congratulate the Agedya team on wining the competition. Totally deserved. They've put a lot of effort in this project, and it's very nice that they get some recognition from it. I already had played the game before the event and liked it a lot, but it was great getting to learn how the combat mechanics work... although I died miserably lots of times until I got the hang of it...

And of course I also want to congratulate my good friends at Izanami for wining the prize from the public with their game The End Of The World, for making a great and fun game, and just for being as awesome as they are!

I'm leaving with an image of the poster we made for the event, to maintain my policy of at least a picture per post.


Cabron Tormenta said...

^^ Nice post Mr Pau. You are "lo-mas" xD

For my next videogame project (the UPF master game), we will be using tecnofreak-anima tool, if allowed by our teacher, of course.

turmixs said...

My congrats to Izanami aka "trio-calavera-faltaunbotell├│n" and Dramatic look studio.
And of course I also want to congratulate Pau for you excellent work in teddy (Sergi too).
See ya!

John said...

Felicidades Pau!
Gracias por la clase de ayer y que vaya muy bien en la oferta de trebajo, es bueno saber que ha valido la pena todo lo que hicisteis con Teddy!
A disfrutar del trabajo!

Congratulations Pau!
Thanks for yesterdays class and I hope your job offer goes well, its good to know that all your dedication on teddy has been recognised!
Enjoy your job!